Hiatus until April 9 and logistical sunshine!

KZSU is in its interim period, and as such there will be no new Hearsay Culture shows until April 9. However, we have a packed schedule for the upcoming quarter, with guests ranging from intellectual property professors to business historians and technologists. I thank all of my future guests in advance, and look forward to talking with these fascinating people.

In honor of Sunshine Week, I will shed some sunshine on the inner workings of the Hearsay Culture machine. The big question: will Hearsay Culture return to regular weekly new shows? Yes! The coming quarter should find more regular shows.

Now, here’s the sunshine: Alas, my first year of teaching has been both exhilarating and very busy. I taught two new classes this past Fall (Contracts and Intellectual Property) and am now teaching one new class and a repeat in Civil Procedure and Contracts. I love teaching but preparation for classes takes a lot of time and it has eaten into my time for other activities, among them Hearsay Culture. Nonetheless, I envision more flexibility in the coming month.

More sunshine by way of thanks: Chizzy, the wonderful KZSU DJ who mans the board at KZSU in my east coast absence, will be at the board another quarter. Thanks Chizzy! Thanks also to Joe Neto at Stanford Law School, who continues to expertly convert the radio show into the podcast that many of you hear.

Lastly, some good press that is masked as sunshine: as you may notice, I do not have paid advertising on the website nor do I seek to make a dime from the show (I ask for money on the show — but it’s for KZSU!) My main form of advertising for the show is word of mouth. Thus, I am very gratified when I read positive reviews of shows, as the commentary is unsolicited. So I see no ethical or moral issue (other than the general obnoxiousness of self-promotion) in noting some recent press: Concurring Opinions (listing the show as one of the author’s six favorite podcasts of 2007), and Technology Liberation Front (reviewing interview with Prof. Richard Epstein, and author noting that it is “one of [his] favorite podcasts”). Thanks much for your support!

I love doing the show, and hope that you find it educational and entertaining. Looking forward to the new quarter. In the interim, reach out and let me know, to quote former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, how I’m doin’! Email me at dave@hearsayculture.com.

Thanks for listening and reading!