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Shows #24 and #25 Posted

I enjoyed interviewing Harry and Frank, and hope that you find these interviews illuminating:

CodeX jpg
Show #24, January 17, 2007: Harry Surden, Resident Fellow at the Stanford Center for Computers and the Law (CodeX), on the background and activities of Codex and current research.

Many of the projects discussed on the show can be found in more detail here.


Frank Pasquale

Show #25, January 24, 2007: Assoc. Prof. Frank Pasquale of Seton Hall Law School on “Limiting Exclusion and Inclusion Harms in Search,” an examination of web search engines and the impact of web search engine results.

Frank has already blogged about the show, but, as he mentioned, he will be providing follow-up links here, so look for an entry soon. I will cross-link to that post. Also, Frank’s SSRN research page is here.



The Hearsay Culture Blog; What Is Its Purpose?

Welcome to the new and pristine website for the KZSU-FM radio show and podcast “Hearsay Culture.” You can learn more about the show, host, the host’s employer, schedule, audio and contact information at the top of the page.

I intend to use the blog to post information, links and other comments about each show after it airs. In other words, the blog will serve the (hopefully) useful purpose of allowing listeners to find more information about the guests and the topics discussed.

As for shows that have already aired (i.e, shows one through 23), I will do my best to backfill and provide links on a time-available basis.

I’ll also occasionally blog on other items, but for non-Hearsay Culture musings (as if you haven’t gotten enough of me by listening to the show and checking this website), you can find my personal blog here. Thus, the following will be one of the few times where I post media: my favorite mashup, the brilliant “Big Screen Version.”

I welcome comments on other ways to use the blog, but until then, look for a post within a week following the Wednesday airing of a show.