Rational Funk: Dave King, YouTube, and how the film Whiplash gets it all wrong

Originally aired March 11, 2016, re-airing Friday, April 2, 2021 @ 8pm pacific on KZSU!

I was informed overnight that Stanford athletics had a canceled event, so Hearsay Culture was no longer bumped. It was way too late to record a new show, so I dove quickly into the 260+ show archive, and pulled one of my more recent favorite interviews: My 2016 interview with acclaimed jazz drummer Dave King of The Bad Plus.

Dave King is a world-renowned musician who has taken an abstract and comedic approach to music. His YouTube show Rational Funk included instructional drum videos with commentary on his unique creative approach (my favorite was his tip to work military drumming in as a jazz solo in order to land a gig). Listen to learn about how King’s technological undertaking has created a space for him to connect with musicians and fans, and not take himself too seriously. Along the way, pick up on his sense of the music industry during a time of immense change.

Listen on Friday, April 2, at 8pm pacific on KZSU-FM!