Show #75 — Profs. Michele Boldrin and David Levine (not me!) — posted

Published on October 14, 2008

How do I approach posting a show with a professor with the same name as mine? Do I downplay it to appear more balanced? Do I come up with a kitschy title (Dave Meets David)? Or celebrate the achievement of another member of the tribe of Levite? I think I’ll celebrate it.

I am very pleased to post Show #75, my interview with Profs. David Levine and Michele Boldrin of Washington University in St. Louis, authors of Against Intellectual Monopoly. David and Michele have written an empirical study, from their perspective as economists, of the copyright and patent systems. As the title suggests, they think that both are, in essence, superfluous and counterproductive. While against my long-term career interests as a professor of intellectual property law, they make a compelling argument. I very much enjoyed the interview and hope that you do as well!