Show #81 — Prof. John Palfrey — posted

Published on December 7, 2008

I am pleased to post Show #81, December 3, my interview with Prof. John Palfrey of Harvard Law School, co-author of Born Digital (co-authored with Urs Gasser). Born Digital addresses the basic questions of how we should view our children as they are (in large part) unwittingly immersed in a vastly interconnected world. What issues do we need to confront when it comes to regulating, protecting and judging today’s youth in the context of “read-write” culture? John and Urs move well beyond the “good Internet/bad Internet” discussion to offer deeper analysis of the questions and answers we must consider. Directed at parents, technologists and lawyers, I hope that you enjoy the interview!

Happy holidays to all; look for new shows beginning in mid-January!