Shows 195-196 — Margot Kaminski and Prof. Victoria Stodden — posted

A busy several weeks pushing for a more accountable and public negotiation of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), which has brought the concept of legislative secrecy in a democracy to a new level, has not stopped me (but has slowed down) recording and posting of new shows. Thus, I’m pleased to post two new shows!

The first, Show 195, October 30, is my interview with Margot Kaminski of Yale Law School’s Information Society Project. We discussed an earlier draft of her forthcoming article The Capture of International Intellectual Property Law through the U.S. Trade Regime. Related to the above, Margot has written an insightful analysis of the administrative law that has arguably created the lack of public input in trade negotiations like TPP. Margot’s article is an important contribution to the growing body of scholarship on trade and intellectual property, and I greatly enjoyed our discussion!

Show 196, November 6, is my interview with Prof. Victoria Stodden of Columbia University on software patents and scientific transparency. Victoria has been doing vital work in this underexplored but critically important area in innovation policy. Having heard a presentation of a draft article on this topic at a recent intellectual property law scholars conference, I was excited to have Victoria on the show. We had a terrific discussion about how software patents impact the flow of information between researchers and educational institutions, and the ramifications of this reality.