Shows 92, 93 and 94 — Dr. Susan Maret, Prof. James Boyle and Prof. John Tehranian — posted

Having finally physically moved to Elon University School of Law, I have now found the time to post three more shows for this quarter. The first, Show #92, July 22, is my interview with Dr. Susan Maret of San Jose State University, co-editor of Government Secrecy: Classic and contemporary readings. Susan has co-edited an excellent anthology of articles and essays dealing with the myriad issues related to government secrecy and its related doctrine, transparency. In our discussion, we cover a wide range of practical and theoretical questions regarding the role of secrecy in government operations and how technology interacts with these doctrines.

In the second, Show 93, July 29, I interviewed Prof. James Boyle of Duke Law School, author of The Public Domain: Enclosing the Commons of the Mind. Jamie’s book is an important contribution to the looming question of how and why to protect what we know as the public domain — all works for which one’s use does not require permission or a purchase. Having been writing and leading in this area for quite a while, Jamie’s vast knowledge allowed for a discussion ranging from why he writes in this area to the history of the public domain to what the future of the public domain holds.

My third interview, Show 94, August 5 is with repeat guest Prof. John Tehranian of Chapman University School of Law, author of Whitewashed: America’s Invisible Middle Eastern Minority. John is a prolific writer whose areas of interest span both intellectual property law and cultural identity issues. We merge his mutual interests in our discussion by focusing on the technological and cultural issues that have helped create the perceptions of the Middle Eastern community (however defined) in the United States.

All three interviews discuss major issues facing our society today — secrecy, information access and cultural identity. I enjoyed all of these interviews and hope that you do as well!