HCN addresses listeners’ major disclosure questions here. Anything we say represents the views of at most one entity: HCN.

Income and Costs

HCN is an independent media network. In its startup phase, HCN was funded primarily by HCN co-founder and Hearsay Culture radio host and founder Dave Levine personally, with other contributions by Indiegogo donors and HCN co-founder Howard Greenfield, personally.

At HCN launch on September 27, 2023, HCN will begin to be funded by subscribers, advertisers, and sponsors, as well as additional cash infusions by the founders as needed. Funds will be used to operate, maintain and build HCN and compensate Levine, Greenfield, and HCN’s other hosts. 

Levine is a full-time Professor with tenure at Elon University School of Law (ESL) in Greensboro, North Carolina. ESL pays Levine’s salary and is his primary source of income. 

Levine is also an Affiliate Scholar at the Center for Internet and Society (CIS) at Stanford Law School. CIS shares the KZSU show as part of its content offerings. 

Greenfield is a computer industry professional.

KZSU-FM (Stanford University), the radio home of HCN’s flagship radio show Hearsay Culture, has never and does not pay HCN for the Hearsay Culture radio show or reimburse costs. KZSU provides staff to make sure that the show airs at its designated time on the KZSU schedule. No other HCN show airs on KZSU.

HCN costs include hosting hearsayculture.com at DreamHost, content cloud storage at Castos, e-commerce through Memberpress, merchandise through Cafepress, and related vendor, technical and marketing costs. 


Levine purchased personally the equipment for use to record the flagship KZSU Hearsay Culture show, as well as other shows that he hosts (which he also engineers). The other HCN hosts have provided their own equipment at their expense. 

Audio geeks: Levine uses Rode equipment to record: A Procaster I board, NTH-100 headphones, and Procaster mic. The camera is a Logitech Brio, and the computer a Dell XPS-13. Mixing occurs on Adobe’s Audition. As a general matter, HCN uses both free and proprietary software as needed. 


HCN chooses but does not pay guests to be on the show. HCN is the originator of all questions asked of guests (of course, we welcome input from others).

Other questions? Email us at info@hearsayculture.com.


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