Throughout its nearly 17 year history, Hearsay Culture has aired interviews with best-selling authors over KZSU-FM (Stanford University). Laurie Woolever, working partner of the late CNN travel show chef and author, Anthony Bourdain, joined Hearsay Culture last year for one of these conversations. Candid and intimate, she discusses her book Bourdain: The Definitive Oral Biography, published the year after World Travel that she co-authored with Bourdain himself.

Anthony Bourdain - World Travel   Bourdain - The Definitive Oral Biography

Woolever’s biography of Bourdain quotes 91 people that knew him best, in a way only she could edit. In the book discussion, Bourdain’s many relationships with colleagues and the media are probed. How was he understood—and misunderstood—by fans and detractors alike? What surprises did Woolever’s interviewees share? And why didn’t Woolever herself feature among those interviewed? Through examining Bourdain’s life, full of remarkable experiences and personal tragedy, we get gripping lessons about perseverance, ambition, and loss.

KZSU’s Hearsay Culture radio show highlights leading authors

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Listen to the episode:

Anthony Bourdain’s assistant and confidant on his life and experiences with Laurie Woolever

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