Dear Hearsay Culture Listeners and Supporters,

We’re excited to announce the release this month of our updated website and platform!

The new Hearsay Culture Network (HCN) offers more ways to help listeners understand technology trends to navigate their world.

Airing on KZSU-Stanford since 2006, Hearsay Culture provides critical perspective on the latest digital developments such as artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and social media.

New Hosts and Content. We now offer a broader range of technology, business, and culture topics, as well as new contributors. Podcast veteran Denise Howell kicks off coverage of the digital frontier with her show Uneven Distribution. Denise will keep you from being blindsided by the future. R&D with D&D is Denise and Dave’s co-hosted show that breaks down the trends (“always ahead of its time”). And Dave will host Secrets an inside look at the world of trade secrets and intellectual property.

Interactive Programming. This year, we’re introducing Office Hours, Job Clubhouse, and Book Club—interactive formats where listeners can connect with hosts, ask questions, and meet the HCN community.

Next Steps. The new Hearsay Culture Network continues its cutting-edge programming with fresh content, advanced platform features, and innovative audience engagement. In the coming months, we will improve our look-and-feel, introduce tools for partnering, and announce a riveting, star-studded editorial calendar in a full media push.

Welcome, and thank you for being part of our growing interactive podcast community!

A special thanks to our Indiegogo supporters, whose generosity will be acknowledged publicly in the coming months.

Stay tuned, stay engaged as we continue our broadcast journey together!


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