HCN brings world-class analysis to BBC listeners on where AI is headed


“This is a new, massive transformative .. technology that creates content, and because it creates content, its a bit different than the internet.” – Dave Levine

On December 27, The New York Times sued Open AI and Microsoft claiming that ChatGPT has infringed upon copyrighted and trademarked material. The lawsuit alleges that OpenAI copied and used “millions” of articles to train its ChatGPT and “recites Times content verbatim,” some of which that could not be accessed without paying a subscription. 

Don’t miss yesterday’s insightful BBC World Business Report, where HCN’s co-founder and host Dave Levine explored the landmark New York Times vs. Microsoft and OpenAI lawsuit. Discover the profound implications this case holds for the future of AI and journalism, and where AI is headed. Tune in for a compelling analysis; in true HCN style, Dave Levine helps BBC’s listeners discern truth from fiction.

Listen to the episode:


Photo credit: Jleon CC BY-SA 3.0

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