Do you need a Trademark?

Do it yourself and secure your place in the digital marketplace–without a team of lawyers!

Our latest guest authors will tell you how. Congrats to Hearsay Culture Network’s (HCN) friends, Elizabeth and Sid, on the publication of their Just Wanna Trademark for Makers, a book for entrepreneurs, makers and creatives to understand trademark basics and steps to a United States Patent and Trademark Office application.

Clear hands-on techniques for securing your trademark make a complicated government filing process within reach of mere mortals and creatives!.

Currently the #1 new release on Amazon in Trademark Law, this updated paperback is full of great examples and cases that demonstrate how to navigate and secure trademarks.

Trademarking is essential for marketing and protecting your brand, and yet can seem insurmountable; but it isn’t. Just Wanna Trademark should help non-lawyers decipher the challenges of trademark applications.

  • Made for makers! All the legal information is broken down with clear examples so you can proceed confidently
  • Get expert insight to protect your work and avoid legal pitfalls from experts that understand the art and craft world
  • Learn from real-world examples represented by a wide range of arts and crafts, including quilting, writing, woodworking, music, museums, and much more. The book was written for creators, entrepreneurs, and artists by a law professor (and two time Hearsay Culture guest!) plus an artist; two generations working together to make practical law accessible and more easily

HCN is all about “answering your questions;” Elizabeth and Sid answer them for a basic step for anyone seeking to build a brand.

Amazon link: Join in the moment!

[The above is for informational purposes only and should not be viewed as legal advice].

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