Trade secrets underpin the competition for product marketing dominance—often with billions at stake. They are valuable because they are not known by others (think: Coca-Cola’s formula—apparently hidden in a safe to this day—Google’s algorithms, or Apple’s product road map).

On Secrets, Hearsay Culture host and trade secret expert*, Dave Levine, explores industry practices that affect high-stakes innovation and business outcomes. Of course, Secrets does not reveal sensitive data, actual trade secrets, (that would be illegal!). But the show explores the “known unknowns” and the drama behind gaining the competitive edge. Built upon the psychological method called the “Johari Window,” we establish what we know, what we don’t know, and insights and answers from both.

Image: Funda Koca Gülbay, Johari Window, Medium (Dec. 16, 2021)

*Dave is a regular contributor to trade secret publications. He has written for Boston Globe Media’s STAT on health/medicine trade secrets surrounding COVID-19, authored textbooks and law review articles on cybersecurity law and governance, as well as others over the last fifteen years.

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