Award Winning Podcast Pioneers to Feature New Hosts and Creative Content

Building on the successful 16+ year KZSU-FM (Stanford University) radio broadcast history of Dave Levine’s groundbreaking Hearsay Culture radio and podcasts, the platform is re-launching as a new media platform.

An exciting array of new hosts and podcasts enlarge Hearsay Culture’s mission to increase access to expert information and insights about developments in technology, business, and culture.

Visionary perspectives from around the world continue to provide context for today’s challenges and opportunities, and strive for airing ideas and voices often lost in media noise.

New shows include:

  • “R&D with D&D”: Industry veterans, Dave Levine and Denise Howell, team up to curate technology and trends at frontier of innovation – whether they are landing in Silicon Valley or elsewhere around the planet
  • “Uneven Distribution”: Denise Howell delivers insights with guests charting our future
  • “The Artist”: Entertainment attorney and law professor, John Tehranian interviews innovators and thought leaders from the creative world
  • “Secrets”: Dave Levine explores industry trade secret scenarios and today’s technology ecosystem

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About Hearsay Culture Network

HCN hosts translate complex innovations in business, culture, and technology into clear takeaways for diverse audiences. We engage our listeners with candor and insight, to get into the minds of innovators whose thoughts and actions drive our world. We ask the hard questions from a position of transparency and expertise, to help you understand the now and have success in an exciting, challenging future. 

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Regardless, look for new programs and subscriber opportunities in the future. Thanks for checking out HCN and being part of our new directions!

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